Word Count

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Goals

So the goal from last year didn't pan.

Sometimes you have to scrap and start again. That's where I am; that's what I'm doing; and that's what the ticker above is reflecting.

New goal: first draft of new idea (of old characters) by May 20th. 90,000 words.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I need to finish this book, so I'm casting my lot with NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words should finish Adam & Eve.

I need to make things bad and worse for Adam & Eve, as they date in the modern world. Any suggestions for things that would be plain awful or plain funny? I have a handful of ideas, all leading back, of course, to Adam and Eve falling back in love with each other. But I really, really want a BLACK MOMENT. Right now, though, it's in the vague category...I guess like all true NaNos, I'm going to have to go on faith that when I get there, it'll be as godawful as I'm hoping. Godawful for the characters, not the book....

One hour into NaNo and I haven't any new words yet. I better be off to get cracking at this...it's nearly 1700 words a day.

If you're NaNoing, good luck, and I hope to cross the finish line with you!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I read books for the banter. It's why I love Jennifer Cruisie books so much. You can practically roll in the banter.

Basically I write dialogue for women to say all the cheeky, clever things I'd either wouldn't have the guts or think of in time to say; and I write all the stuff I wish men would say. *LOL*

Eve scoffed. “You couldn’t get me.”
“I got you once.”
“You’ll recall the options were limited.”
“Maybe you’re right. Maybe if we’d had all the options in the world, we never would have ended up together. Then again, maybe we would have. Come on, Evie, what’s so bad about me you wouldn’t have picked me again?”
“I assume you’re looking for an answer other than: you’re an asshole.”
“Babydoll, all men are assholes. We just have varying degrees of it.”

Okay, maybe that's not dead romantic...but does feel like it might at least be true. *LOL*

What do you look for in dialogue? Funny and bantery; or the "You are my favorite form of heroin" romantic whatnot?